I spent 6 months working on something special. Here it is.

June 8, 2020
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Those who know me probably have very little idea what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months.

The truth is, I’ve been quietly working away on a whole new brand and business model. My clients and their teams have already experienced significant results. Now I’m bringing it to market.

When I first launched Mr System in 2019, I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to help people with “systemising their business”. Today, it’s never been clearer. After many months of researching, testing, iteration and development, it’s here. I’m pleased to launch Mr System version 2.0!

New brand, new look, new website, yes, but that’s just aesthetics. Before I explain what it’s all in aid of, let me explain what’s driven this change.

The situation as it stands

The problem

Sadly, working life at many organisations is an everyday emergency. The typical modern workplace favours busyness over depth. It prioritises short-term bursts of activity in place of long-term sustainable progress. And so the status quo remains one of shallow, reactive and distracted work.

Many workplaces rely on constant connectivity and a torrent of bureaucratic procedures. Every day, we face a near-constant barrage of willful interruptions and distractions. We waste copious amounts of time on inefficient and low-value coordination. We are drowning in emails. We are spending our time on “work about work”.

It seems like we spend more and more of our time on inefficient, low-value tasks like email. In the worst cases, we are wasting it all together. Among the biggest culprits are pointless meetings, avoidable mistakes and duplication of work.

The consequences

As a result, many organisations are wasting staggering amounts of money each year. Not just in recruitment and labour, but to an even greater degree in lost opportunities. And it’s not only bad for business; it’s bad for us too. Despite growing research into workplace productivity and many powerful technological advances, productivity growth has stagnated or declined the world over. Many of us simply don’t have the freedom and support we need to excel at solving difficult problems and producing great work. 

Working in this environment also takes a significant toll on our mental wellbeing. It lowers engagement and job satisfaction, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, unhappy and unmotivated. It stifles our intrinsic drive and creativity.

The solution

We cannot solve this rather depressing reality merely by working longer or harder. For most of us, that runway ran out a long time ago.

The only alternative is to change how we work. We must find a way to systematically overcome these barriers. In doing so, we unlock the potential to do our deepest, most impactful and most fulfilling work.

Deep, impactful work, though, is the fundamental expectation of many organisations. But as discussed, this is a near-impossible feat. What’s more, it is a direct contradiction of the very environment that we’re expected to work within.

We cannot work harder, so we must work smarter. We’re all familiar with this concept, though. It’s not a difficult conclusion to reach. Unfortunately, it’s a classic case of “easier said than done”. What does it look like in practice? What are the practical steps to working smarter? That’s what I’ve set my sights on and have spent months developing the material to support.

Ultimately, I believe that with the right systems, the right tools, the right skills and the right culture, it’s astonishing what is possible.

Get it right, and you can create order from chaos.

So what is Mr. System?

Mr System is simply my professional alias. There are two key things I offer:

(a) Specialist consulting and change management services.
I work with teams and organisations to adopt the systems, processes, tools, principles and methodologies necessary to enable individuals to do their best and most fulfilling work. 

(b) Products, articles and free resources.
I’m producing free and affordable resources designed to help those on a tight budget or who have less ability to affect change within their organisation.

What I’m creating

Clear, actionable content is at the heart of my strategy. My goal is to create the ultimate resource to help you work better and produce better work.

I’ll be spending considerable time researching and creating comprehensive articles, guides and videos. In this content, I’ll be sharing how to achieve magnificent results over time by making simple, incremental improvements. I’ll also be sharing some of the major changes that can significantly increase the quality and quantity of your work.

To start, I’ll be focusing on the core aspects of systems, work management and productivity. These topics include planning, prioritising, management, collaboration, communication, decision making, remote working, project management, workflow management, email, systems thinking, and process design.

Later I will expand into broader areas such as software integration, automation, outsourcing, growth hacking, content creation, learning development, life hacks, habits and psychological principles.

Who it’s for

This is not for those who prefer to take shortcuts or expect a magic bullet. Nor is it for those who avoid change “because this is how we’ve always done it”.

No, this is for the people who are willing to question the status quo. For those who don’t just care about their work, but also how they work. Those who recognise that there might just be a better way. Those who know not only that they are capable of better, but care enough to find a path.

If you find inefficiency and waste deeply uncomfortable, this might be for you.

If you’re eager to invest a little extra time, energy and resources for significant long-term progress, this might be for you.

If it is for you, I do hope you’ll stick around and engage. I’d love to hear from you and learn from you.

How I can help

Asana Adoption Programme

I work primarily with UK-based SMEs in the creative and technology sectors with a growing team of 10+ people and annual revenue of £1million+.

My Asana Adoption Programme is an end-to-end service that completely revolutionises the way teams collaborate. It is the structured approach I use to help clients identify, build and adopt a highly effective work management system in just 2-3 months. During this time, we collectively map out key workflows, create standard project templates and document essential processes. Team members also receive hands-on, practical training and 1-to-1 support. Over time, we measure progress and adapt accordingly. Then, once complete, I produce a comprehensive summary of results, insights and further recommendations.

Since its creation in 2019, I have worked with an array of organisations, large and small. I’ve trained hundreds of individuals and built out all manner of different projects, templates and workflows. My clients universally report significant increases in productivity, accuracy, quality and team morale.

1-to-1 coaching & consulting

I also offer 1-to-1 coaching and consulting services to business owners and entrepreneurs. My hands-on approach helps free up time to escape the hamster wheel and get great ideas off the ground. 

Free daily Asana tips

Finally, I have also launched a free series of bitesize Asana Tips. Each day, subscribers receive one new email containing a simple and actionable idea. In just 1-3 minutes, readers can quickly get to grips with key Asana features and best practices. Over time, you’ll learn and apply many new ideas and concepts including effective productivity methodologies and core work management principles.

In the pipeline

Also in the pipeline for release this year:

Master your email: a free 6-week email management course.

Following hundreds of hours of research, I’ve documented a series of simple steps to finally regain control of your email. In just 10 minutes per day, you’ll learn how to manage the daily barrage of emails and consistently hit inbox zero.

The Ultimate Guide to Asynchronous Communication: a deep-dive article into this increasingly common form of digital collaboration.

In it, I detail many of the benefits and real-life case studies, along with instructions for how and when to use it, and practical steps for implementation.

Asana Online Programme: a self-led digital learning programme.

This online course is for team members who wish to upskill or quickly onboard new members to Asana. Powered by an interactive learning management system, it engages learners holistically. It is further supported by regular live training and support webinars.

Stay connected

If you’re interested in learning more, stay connected and subscribe for updates. Whenever I release a new article relevant to your role and interests, I’ll email you. Spam is for jerks and a jerk I am not, so expect no sales or gimmicks, just valuable content.

I’ll also be posting regularly on my social media channels with tips, tricks and quick wins. You can follow me here:

Let’s work together

Due to the time commitment required, I can only work with a maximum of 2 new clients per month. If you’re interested in working together and would like to discuss what this might look like for your team or organisation, you can book a discovery call into my diary.

Please note: My diary tends to fill up quickly and time slots are limited. Please only book a call if you are genuinely ready to explore change in your organisation.

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